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🌸Launching on International Womens Day

Movement is the BIG non-negotiable going into and beyond the menopause – You can never go wrong getting strong, more mobile and flexible.

The menopause transition comes with a lot of change, and a long, long list of possible symptoms. In fact, research shows that 1 in 4 women even consider leaving their job due to menopause symptoms (British Menopause Society, 2022).

Every woman’s experience of menopause is different, but exercise such as Pilates can be highly effective at easing many menopausal symptoms whilst also improving overall well being.

If you’re approaching, moving through or past menopause now, why not give my Power Pilates for Women Series a go.

It will consist of six classes;

Session 1 - Pilates For Better Bones

Session 2- Pilates For Menopause

Session 3 - Pilates for Menopause Symptoms

Session 4 - Pilates For Pelvic and Hip Pain

Session 5 - Pilates For Stress Relief

Session 6 - How to free your neck and shoulders

We start on Thursday the 18th of April.

Inperson course 6-7pm at Strathaven Rural Centre (£60 per person)

Online course 7.30-8.30pm online via zoom (£48 per person)

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