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Pilates is moving online

Don’t panic not all classes are moving !

🌸Pilates is moving online🌸

You may have noticed that over the month of June I am trialling having online classes and workshops. Now I know that after lock down that many people got fed up with zoom, many people also find that they are more likely to turn up to an In person class than an online class, but is that really the case or would you find an excuse not to exercise or prioritise time for yourself anyway?

Online classes/workshops have masses and masses of benefits ! Most of the training that I do is online with some amazing tutors because it saves me thousands in time, travel and accommodation across the Uk and I never feel like I have missed out.

Other benefits of online classes include;

  1. You dont need to travel

  2. You can get the class on catch up if childcare is an issue

  3. You can go straight on with what you were doing afterwards

  4. If you only have 15 minutes to exercise it better than nothing

  5. You can join in anywhere in the world

  6. Create a community spirit with pop up Inperson workshops

I have a few online offerings starting in June,

For riders there is my 8 week online Rider Pilates, Health and Wellbeing, for 40+ Perimenopausal women I have my 6 week power pilates, Health and Wellbeing. There is also my brand new subscription group which you can join via the subscribe tab in my Facebook page bio.

Setting up for Pilates at home

Like any exercise I l always advise people to treat it as important as work/dentist appointments etc. MARK IT IN YOUR DIARY ! Set time aside whether it’s meditating, breath work, 15 minutes or a full hour session. Pick a time that you can commit to and stick to it. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you, put it in your calendar, leave a sticky note on your bathroom mirror. Do something to make the exercise  a part of your life.

PUT YOUR MAT OUT AT NIGHT. Seeing your mat in the morning can be a positive reinforcement. Set it next to your front door when you leave for work or go out for some other reason. That way, when you return home, your mat will be the first thing you see.


-Declutter your space. I find I cant relax in a space which is cluttered.

-Make sure your space is well lit and cosy.

-Make sure you have a drink to hand.

-I love plants, that is something you may want to add to your work space.

-Make sure you have a comfortable exercise mat and any other equipment that may be useful such as yoga blocks, therabands, soft balls etc ....

If you would like to speak to me about what’s on, then get in touch….

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