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1-1 Private Sessions

Would you like the chance to work with me in a 1 on 1 basis ? 

1-1 sessions are great if you struggle to find time to join a class or are nervous about coming into a group and don’t feel quite ready yet. 

I can help you achieve your goals wether you want to be able to get up and down to the floor safely, are recovering from a recent injury, looking to support other activities, return to fitness. Perhaps you need to work on relaxation 
or are simply looking for a session to suit around your schedule. 

These sessions are tailored to you, your body and your goals. 1-1 sessions are for the dedicated student wanting to maximise their time and dedication or for the individual wanting to address specific body transformation & fitness needs. The benefits are endless. Suitable for all age groups, pre and post natal. 



My 1-1 sessions are designed to help you feel healthy beyond your sessions. Throughout your time with me, you will be able to expand your knowledge and skills in the following six pillars ;







Stress Management   


These are aspects of your life that are key to truly improving

your lifestyle or to aid in maintaining your current healthy

lifestyle. I will ensure you feel supported all the way with a

program tailored to your needs and accountability checks at a

time that suits you. Everyone has their own journey and

everyone started from somewhere. 

With my 1-1 programme you can expect;


A tailored program to suit your plan or goal 

Accountability in a format that works for you 

Guidance in lifestyle and/or nutrition 

Workout sessions that promote functional, creative movement


In Person Prices at my studio space in Hamilton House at 

Strathaven Rural Centre. 

1 off session £40.00 with typed up plan of exercises

6 Sessions £220 

10 Sessions £300 



Would you like to arrange a free consultation to discuss how 1:2:1 sessions could benefit you ? 

Telephone - 07557977518

Lisa has been teaching my husband and I pilates for 2 years. 

We decided that 'one to one' suited us best. 

Our reasons for doing pilates are to improve our strength, flexibility and balance as we are now retired and want to be as fit as we can to enjoy our retirement and grandchildren. 

My husband has problems with his back and I knew my balance was not good and had problems with my right arm since I fractured it a few years ago.

Under Lisa's guidance and faithfully practicing our pilates we both feel the benefit. We both feel more flexible. My balance has improved  and my husband's  back has improved and it has eased some of our age related aches and pains. Lisa has been able to adapt pilates to our needs which has been a great benefit and she is extremely patient and understanding.  

My husband has recently had a knee replacement and is looking forward to returning to pilates. Lisa was able to adapt his pilates before surgery which he felt helped. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending Lisa to friends and in fact I have done so. 



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