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🧘 4 Week Mobility Course 🧘

Discover the benefits of Pilates for your physical and mental well-being! 🌟"

What we will work on ⬇️

🔹 Flexibility and Mobility: Enhance your range of motion and improve joint health.

🔹 Strength and Toning: Build muscle strength and tone your body.

🔹 Balance and Stability: Improve stability and coordination.

🔹 Stress Relief and Relaxation: Reduce stress and promote relaxation.

🔹 Posture and Alignment: Improve posture and alleviate pain.

🔹 Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: Aid in preventing injuries and support recovery.

🔹 Mind-Body Connection: Develop awareness and mindfulness.

🔹 Energy and Vitality: Boost energy levels and feel rejuvenated.

Each session will be a small fun 90 minute group class with refreshments provided.

Dates: Saturday the 9th, 16th, 30th of September and 7th of October

Time: 10am-11.30am (x4 - 90 minute sessions)

Where: My new personal space @Strathaven Rural Centre

Cost: £60.00

To book your space ⬇️

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