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1-1 Pilates


During your first session, I will assess your movements to see where you’re at with your range of motion (ROM) and strength, so that I can work with you to balance and improve areas that may be restricted or weak.

Then I will take you through a warm up and

a range of Pilates exercises.

Currently I have 3 groups of people attending private sessions,

1.     Those recovering from injury or pain who is wanting to get back into group classes and regular activities they enjoy.

2.     Those that get so much out of their 1:1 sessions (i.e. keeps them pain-free and feeling good) that they will continue them indefinitely and perhaps do some group sessions as well.

3.     Ladies who are pre and post natal and looking to maintain fitness and mobility while preparing for pregnancy or helping their body recover post-natal.

From my experience, working closely with someone during 1:1 sessions can take you down a rabbit hole of strange and interesting discoveries!

If you feel like your body has some mysteries waiting to be unlocked, reach out to book in your first session. 

I have just launched 3 options for 1-1 sessions at my brand new studio space at Strathaven Rural Centre.

1 Session is £40 with a plan to work on at home.

6 Sessions are £220

10Sessions are £300

All packages can be booked via Gymcatch at

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