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Yoga Studio

Courses and Workshops at Hamilton House 

At Hamilton House within Strathaven Rural Centre I have my own tranquil little space where I can offer small group sessions, workshops, courses, 1-1 Pilates and Bowen Therapy. So if you need help with your mobility, stress management or to feel well get in touch. 


Rediscover your wellness this January 

My Six Week Programme Wellness Rediscovered is back in 2024 bigger than it has ever been !  The programme starts on Saturday the 6th of January.  Taking on board feedback from previous courses each session will be 90 minutes long, running from 10am-11.30am.  The programme Includes, discussion, exercise and weekly homework.  


Week 1️⃣Talk - This week we will cover 10 common sense nutritional tips. Followed by gentle yoga, taking our time and breathing.  


Week 2️⃣Talk - How to Improve Sleep, This week we will cover how improving your sleep and managing your stress can help reduce cravings. Followed by a yoga routine to help you sleep.  


Week 3️⃣Talk - How to stay motivated to exercise, barriers and how we can overcome these. This will be followed by Pilates for building strength to improve bone health.  


Week 4️⃣Talk - Food Behaviours, Creating lasting Change, Eating for energy and vitality. This week we will work on ideas to create healthy habits that last. Followed by Yoga to manage stress and anxiety to bring back the balance.  


Week 5️⃣Talk - Tools to manage Stress, such as meditation, breathing and grounding techniques to create calm. We will then begin to move mindfully, adding in  breathwork and Yoga Nidra to finish.  


Week 6️⃣Talk recap of week 1-5, we will chat around how to you can keep up everything you have learned so far. Followed by a fun Pilates session to improve balance, strength  and mobility.  You will also be given a 6 week pass to my weekly online gentle yoga and yoga nidra class thats on a Thursday evening. This is done via Teams at 7.45pm. (This alone costs £48) Venue - The boardroom at Hamilton House, Strathaven Rural Centre.  Course fee; £120.

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