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Are you ready to rediscover your wellness in 2023 ? 

Wellness Rediscovered 12 week programme  

What if I told you that you could improve your strength, balance, posture, mobility, flexibility, health and wellbeing all in 12 weeks ! 


With a holistic and sustainable Pilates practice…


Imagine what it would feel like if you were to…


    •    Improve your mobility & make peace with your body


    •    Reverse fatigue & claim your energy back


    •    Banish insomnia & sleep soundly again


    •    Destress, 


Your mind, body and soul


    •    Become more calm, concentrated and clear-minded


…In as little as 12 Weeks …


And in just 20 minutes a day!  

This is EXACTLY what will happen when you join my 12 Week Programme. 


A programme I created for busy people just like you…


Juggling many roles in life…


And being pulled in many directions…


Looking for a self-care and fitness routine that makes you feel well about yourself …


Part 1 - At home 

We will begin with a 6 week online preparation phase where each week I will email you resources to begin your Pilates practice. This will include videos and printable worksheets that you can use to practice in just 20 minutes per day. 


We will also have opportunities to come together in a community to share reflections and ask questions via WhatsApp, (Entirely optional).


The course will commence on Monday the 9th of January 2023.

Week 1 - Introduction and preparation phase

Week 2 - The Principles and benefits of Pilates

Week 3 - Introduction to the “Core”

Week 4 - Breathing Techniques and stress management tools

Week 5 - Mobilising the joints

Week 6 - Tuning into our self’s - What is our body telling us


Part 2 - Inperson classes 

We will then transition to in-person classes from Sunday the 19th of Feb. The class will be at 10am in Strathaven Scout and Guide Hall. Where we will dive right into moving as we will have already covered the basics.

Week 7 - An introduction to the Pilates exercises

Week 8 - Pilates exercises for a healthy spine

Week 9 - Pilates exercises to build strong healthy hips

Week 10 - Pilates exercises to release tension in the neck and shoulders

Week 11 - Pilates as a functional exercise for every day life

Week 12 - Consolidation week

Resources available during the 12 weeks 

  • 100 Healthy recipe e-book 

  • Motivation guide book 

  • Weekly video and resources emailed during the first 6 weeks that will include an introduction to Pilates as well and Health and well being tips

  • 6 weeks of in-person classes 

  • WhatsApp Support Group 


Are you ready to get started? 

The cost of the course is £100, to book you space, click the button below. 

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