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Why Pilates for horse riders?

Imbalances develop over time, based on physiology, posture and lifestyle. How you move when not riding – other types of exercise, the amount (and quality) of sitting you do at work, etc. – directly affects how you function on a horse.

Pilates is a fabulous tool for improving posture and alignment, all of which are crucial within all equestrian disciplines. Plus, good posture is also vital in everyday life to keep you injury free. I teach my clients to take care of their body today so that have many years of riding ahead of them.

Posture and balance are built from the ground up and our body works as an entire unit. No one muscle works alone. So alongside correct posture, pilates is also big on correct breathing, which is important as riders to not only remain “relaxed” in the saddle, but also to be able to reduce stress and tension.

Pilates is suitable for riders of levels and will improve:

  • your posture and therefore your riding position

  • your alignment and balance helping you to sit more deeply in the saddle and be more centred, which will improve your horse’s way of going

  • your core stability - your ability to move your limbs independently of your spine

  • your flexibility

  • your body awareness helping you to move more effectively and efficiently allowing your horse to understand your aids better

  • your breathing helping you to feel more relaxed, confident and focused

A better understanding of how to use your body reduces wear and tear on your joints and an increase in muscle strength and stamina also helps you cope with the hard work associated with looking after your horse.

So my 4 week in-person programme is for you if;

  • Feel frustrated that your horse won’t respond properly to your commands?

  • Do you suffer from stiffness, a lack of symmetry, a lack of body control?

  • Having trouble keeping a stable seat?

  • Feeling unusually sore and tired after a ride?

  • Have rounded shoulders

  • Tightness and curving in the lower back

  • Tight hamstrings

We begin on Saturday the 7th of May at the Scottish Equestrian Hotel in Lanark.

We will meet at 10.30-12 for 4 consecutive weeks.

You will also have access to me via a closed Facebook group where I will add resources for you to work on in your own time during the week, you can ask questions and have support. You will have access to this group long after the course to go back to.

To book your head on over to the class/courses tab on my website.

I know how hard it can be fitting Pilates into a busy equestrian schedule especially but after a tough winter but I promise you will feel the benefits. Why not try out this little video and see how nice it feels.

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