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Pilates for Runners

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Most people think that running is easy and anyone can do it, but they cant, and to do it well is actually quite difficult. Running requires a good strong core, good hip flexion, extension and rotation, joint mobility and balance.

As running is a repetitive activity, this means some of your muscle groups will be overused while others will be underused. As a result, runners will create for themselves muscular imbalances and also injuries. To overcome this, Pilates strengthens as well as lengthens the body, improving flexibility which will allow your muscles to withstand the full range of movement that running requires.This not only protects the muscles but decreases the risk of injury in the long term.

Pilates is considered a holistic exercise, which means that all of your body will be worked. Your instructor will work your body through the movements that are required to develop an efficient running style. Furthermore, one of the benefits of Pilates is that it produces a strong core. Our core is made up of deep muscles which when strong helps stabilise the spine, helping you to keep upright and steady, which is equally important to your running to improve your posture allowing you to breathe deeper, increasing lung capacity and therefore muscle function.

Pilates will also help improve your balance, coordination and agility. As a result you will have better control of your body, and a greater awareness of your body. So instead of pushing through pain you will recognise when you need to take action before it becomes a much bigger problem.

Today more runners than ever are realising the benefits of Pilates as an exercise to complement their existing running routine. I am more than happy to organise workshop if you have a group of friends that would like to give Pilates a try.

To discuss further feel free to get in-touch via my contact page and we can arrange a chat.

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