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Musculoskeletal Pain

“When people suffer musculoskeletal pain – that is, pain arising from muscles, ligaments, bones or joints – they change the way they move.

Sometimes these changes include completely avoiding certain movements, and sometimes they are more subtle.

Someone with knee pain might walk with a limp, for instance, whereas someone with hand pain might pick up an object differently, while someone with neck pain might refrain from turning their head to one side.

There is growing evidence that changing the way we move might actually contribute to the development of pain that lasts for months or years.”

So don’t let your niggles drag on. If it’s something that can be fixed such as your work space then have a look at that.

Do you have text neck ?

There is many causes for postural deviations.

Pilates can be very helpful in releasing tension in tight areas and restoring balance.

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