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🌟 Join my 6 Week Intro to Pilates Starting on Wednesday the 6th of March 7-8pm @Purple Dove Studio in East Kilbride🌟

This 6 week course is for you if;

🤔Your hips tight?

🤔Your lower back is stiff?

🤔Are you sitting too much during the day?

🤔Are your shoulders tight from slouching?

🤔Are you desk bound for more than 4 hours?

🤔Are you standing up still for long periods?

🤔Sitting at a screen for long periods of time?

🤔Feel like your body is ceasing up?

😴 You need some motivation to move again?

😊 You suffer from hormonal joint pain?


🚨Be quick the course is almost full !

Start Date : Wed 6th of March

Time : 7-8pm

Venue : Purple Dove Studio, Ek

Cost £60

🌈 Secure Your Spot Now! Don't miss out on the transformative power of pilates.

Booking link below.

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