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Improve your posture in 14 days !

Improve your posture in 14 days !


I’m so looking forward to launching this 14 day course !

Kickstarts January the 8th !

Posture is an important consideration in all activities of daily living (e.g., walking, lifting objects, holding objects and driving) and that keeping good posture can make a considerable difference to the long-term health of the spine. Many postural problems are detectable at very early stages, regardless of age. If not corrected, these issues will become more pronounced.

If the body segments are out of their optimal alignment for extended periods of time, the muscles eventually adapt by either shortening or lengthening.

Prolonged misalignment adversely affects nerve tissue and function and that the adaptive changes in muscle tissue (whether lengthening or shortening) result in muscle imbalances, which can have a number of health consequences.

This Programme will be ran via a Facebook Group,

What we will work on …:.

💜 Learn about kinds of postures

💚 Work outs varying from 10-30 minutes

💛 Motivational tips

🧡 Tips to improve your wellbeing

💜How to have great posture

💙How to build strong habits that can create great posture in 2 minutes a day!

🧡Eliminate the Phone Slouch

💙Learn how a strong posture will elevate your mood, confidence, breathing and digestion.

Who should join in?

People who sit at a desk for many hours a day and want to prevent pain and injury.

Anyone who suffers from back,neck or shoulder pain.

Those who want to improve their posture and reduce aches in their body.Individuals, at any age, who value the importance of good form and a healthy body.

You will need an exercise mat, mini resistance bands and long resistance bands and a Pilates soft ball or football would do the job. More info where to get these will be in the group.

All for £14.00

To join hit the link below 👇🏼

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