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Find your inner light Christmas workshop

As we hurtle towards the end of the year, there’s a tendency to get caught up in the frenzy of the festive period. So, I am offering a chance to step out of that mode into a space of quiet reflection.

Enjoy a sense of spaciousness and lightness as you move, breathe and feel into the festive season and to remember that at the heart of Christmas is a message of joy and hope.

Expect a cosy couple of hours as we soothe away the holiday stress.

Please bring a yoga mat and a small blanket for your practice. You might also find a journal/ notebook and pen are useful. Wear warm, comfortable clothes suitable for gentle exercise, and a pair of pair of cosy socks would be a good idea for the relaxation sections.

Workshop plan

🎄Feel-Good Pilates session to start getting your body moving and bringing your focus inwards for your precious me-time.

🎄Tips to manage stress including breathing techniques.

🎄Tea break to refuel.

🎄Relaxing Yoga and meditation to finish the morning feeling connected and replenished and ready to take on the festivities.


Saturday 11th November

Time 10am until 12 noon

Venue Hamilton House at Strathaven Rural Centre

Cost £35.00

Booking Link

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