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6 Week Autumn Reset - Glassford Church Hall

Are you struggling with aches in your hips, knees, shoulders....ok, let's face it - everywhere?!

Are you suddenly feeling old, stiff and creaky in the morning, in fact all the time!? Have you also not exercised in a while and wondering where on earth to start?! Are you a little nervous about coming back to exercise?

My 6 Week Autumn Body Reset is just what you need !

We will start on Tuesday the 5th of September in Glassford Church Hall at 7-8pm.

🍁Week 1 - How to improve your flexibility and posture

This will be a strength, mobility and flexibility class. Helping to release tension, reduce aches and pains and improve your mood. For lasting relief from aches and pains it is essential to look at your posture and how you can help it in every day life.

🍁Week 2 - Mind body core

A slower paced pilates core workout for clients who enjoy a slower paced midsection workout. There will be modifications and adaptations offered to suit a wide variety of client groups

🍁Week 3 - Breathwork mobility and meditation

This week will include mobility to warm up, yoga and meditation to lower stress, improve mindset, focus and instil a feeling of calm and wellbeing.

🍁Week 4 - Free up your neck and shoulders

The most common cause of neck pain is stress on muscles and ligaments stemming from poor postural habits, which are often related to our computerized, stressful lifestyle. In this class we will look at gentle mobility and yoga to pay attention to the many factors that can influence neck and shoulder pain—including our postural habits, body mechanics, thoughts, and emotions.

🍁Week 5 - Healthy Hips

Are your hips tight and stiff? The hips form a strong foundation for the arms and legs allowing us to move and be independent. In this mini work shop we will combine mobility, pilates and yoga exercises to help improve the function of our hips.

🍁Week 6 - Barefoot workout with spiky balls

In this class we will explore the ankle joint and its range of movement, with lots of feel good stretches for the feet, paying attention to alignment and working on proprioception and balance.

🧠All sessions will end with the opportunity to relax the mind and body🧘

You can join me for the full 6 week course for the price of £48

Course Booking Link Below 👇🏼

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