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Pilates for Children 

Why Pilates for children? 

Well applied physical exercise will develop a child’s body and mind and will positively influence their self perception. For me as a Parent I love that Pilates offers a unique learning experience based on a functional movement. Pilates can be taught in a fun, non competitive manner complementing many more traditional exercise disciplines. 


Teaching children Pilates offers so many benefits and opportunities. Research has shown that exercise during childhood and adolescence exerts direct and indirect positive effects on adult health. Teaching children Pilates offers a huge range of benefits, these include:

• Boosts fitness and increases concentration

• Improves dynamic posture and spinal alignment

• Increases strength and flexibility

• Improves sporting performance

• Increases awareness of the body as it changes and grows through childhood


• Increases self-esteem, stamina, confidence and can help reduce anxiety and stress

• Improves sleep and ability to relax

• Helps social interaction and acceptance












Early childhood - Ages 5-9 years 

Teaching this age group requires playful creativity and natural movement such as skipping, jumping and tasks that emphasise body awareness and co-ordination. Partner work is involved and social interaction encouraged. 

The magic window - Ages 10 - 13 years 

The magic window is the perfect starting point to teach Pilates as the levels of cognitive and motor development at this stage are considered appropriate for participating in a structured exercise programme. 

Adolescents - Ages 14 - 18 years 

Pilates at this age group can create harmony between body and mind to help offset stress and anxiety. It can increase self esteem and confidence. 


Please note I am fully insured to teach children and a member of the PVG scheme. 

Age Groups


Where do I deliver Pilates sessions for children?

1-1 Sessions

1-1 sessions are available for children in person if locally or via Zoom if further away. Please get in touch if you would like to have chat about the benefits. 

Group Classes 

Group Classes are available please get in touch for more info 

Schools, nurseries and groups

Pilates Classes are available for delivery in schools, nurseries or play groups. Please get in touch to see an example of a lesson plan for the specific age group. 

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