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Fit 2 Sit Rider Fitness and Pilates 

Pilates exercises increase your body awareness, and improve flexibility, balance, and strength in order to facilitate an optimal riding experience.

Would you like to improve your riding? 

The Equestrian industry is increasingly recognising the benefits of Pilates for rider fitness and equine wellness. Pilates can improve your posture and alignment in the saddle, your aids can become subtler through improved balance and your confidence can blossom.


The simplest way to think of a riders influence on a horse is to consider the impact of carrying the rider. How does the distribution of their bodyweight affect the horse? Have you ever carried a backpack with uneven straps or uneven weight in it? Unbalanced distribution of the riders bodyweight in the saddle can make it harder to execute your aid correctly and lead to confusion in the horse. The horse cannot determine what is an aid being applied. This can lead to frustration for both you and your horse. Our asymmetries and compensatory patterns can also affect the horse’s performance and may over time lead to veterinary/equine osteopathy intervention. 

On that note, its time for you to stop and make time for your own health and well being. 

Pilates can help ensure your body is working correctly, preventing the ache in the first place, it can increase your strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

4 Week Intro to Pilates for riders

My next 4 week Pilates for Riders Programme is coming very soon. There will be a course in May and June 2023. 

In addition to the class you will receive weekly resources to work on at home via a private Facebook Group or email if you prefer. I know how hard it can be fitting Pilates into a busy equestrian schedule. It can feel like a mammoth undertaking. However, the benefits are massive. 

To register your interest in this course drop me an email at 


I have a number of options available to help you begin your Pilates journey 

White Horse


Yard Visit 

I  can arrange with you to visit your yard or riding club to do a tailored session/sessions. 

Dance Class


Dates for 2023 Workshops will be available soon !

Yoga Studio

1-1 Sessions 


1-1 Sessions are a great way to work on your own personal goals. These are done online via zoom. We will do an initial consultation and agree a programme for you. A block of six including an initial consultation is £200. 

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