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Wellness Rediscovered Online Pilates Course

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Are you ready to rediscover your wellness? This online course will help you on your journey. Using the Pilates method I will help you to reduce stiffness, improve your mobility, help those aches and pains and allow you to live your life more freely doing the things you want to enjoy. Whether that may be running around with kids, the grandkids, walking the dog further, going on days out and just feeling well. But ! It’s not just about the Pilates. Yes movement is important but so is nutrition, hydration, sleep and stress management. Thats why my course is designed to help you with these areas also. I know that it is not easy to commit to making changes for your life and health and at times it can feel a bit hard, but I want you to know that you can do this and that you have already taken an incredible first step to where you want to be in life and feeling how you deserve to feel. I cant wait to introduce you to Wellness Rediscovered and if you need my support I am at the end of an email or the phone.

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