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Thanks for stopping by my website. My name is Lisa Roy, I am a busy mum to Heather, our dog and 3 horses. I am a qualified Pilates and Yoga Teacher. Prior to this I was a registered nurse for many years so I have a wealth of experience in understanding pain and chronic health conditions and how these may affect your life.

I now help 40+ women to age better, rebalance their health and live a more fulfilling life. I believe in a holistic approach to health by making choices that become part of your lifestyle. This involves exercise, good nutrition, rest, repairing and stress management. I reckon the focus should be on how you feel not how you look. So I want to help people feel fabulous from the inside out by moving better, reducing those aches and pains, increasing flexibility, working on that strength and by getting some much needed me time sharing with you all my learning this far. 

Lets remember that getting old is a privilege and with a little self care we can all feel great and age well.

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You can email me at or Call me on 07557977518

I have a fantastic online membership, online bespoke 1-1 programmes and

offer two group Pilates classes at

Avondale Church on Kirk Street in Strathaven.

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hope to see you soon 

Lots of love Lisa xx

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